The Sultanate possesses excellent opportunities for local, regional and international economic growth. The Government Sector is central to increasing the competitiveness of the Sultanate and in so doing enabling a vibrant, thriving and attractive Private Sector.

This will be achieved through Private & Public Sector partnership delivering sustainable socio-economic development by facilitating and enabling growth in those key sectors that can drive economic diversification and wealth creation for the citizens of the Sultanate of Oman.

Designed and launched under the patronage of the Diwan of Royal Court, the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program (NCLP) is an initiative by the Public Private Partnership Taskforce (Sharaka). The program will prepare Oman’s Public Sector Leaders with the analysis and delivery capabilities to leverage the Sultanate’s emerging macro & micro economic opportunities.

The program is exclusive – it capitalises on the expertise, latest thinking, research and learning methodologies of its world-class partners, to offer a world-class educational experience. Participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal both with the challenges that face policy makers and to address newly emerging opportunities shaping the economic transformation of the Sultanate.