The National Leadership & Competitiveness Program is designed for senior-level executive leaders in the Oman government who are seeking this opportunity to make an even greater difference in their careers, their organisation’s future, and the nation. 

 Admission criteria

Applications to the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program will be evaluated through a transparent, rigorous and merit-based competitive process managed by a reputed, world-class international human resource consulting firm.

In order to be eligible for the Program, the applicant must meet the following admission criteria:

  • Be an Omani national
  • Currently employed in an Omani government organisation (Ministry, Public Authority, Councils/Boards/General Secretariat, Municipalities, Committee, Centers, Fund, or Other)*
  • Have a minimum 10 years of overall experience
  • Currently holds a role within one of the following job groups*:
    • Director General and equivalents
    • Assistant Director General and equivalents
    • Experts and/ or Advisor and equivalent
  • Candidates must hold (or have held) roles with any of the following responsibilities:
    • Direct influence in the design and/ or execution of policy areas that have significant impact on the business and investment environment in the Sultanate
    • Leadership of core business or support or specialist and advisory functions/ teams that have significant exposure to the business environment 
    • Involvement in change management and/ or transformation initiatives within the Omani government
    • Revenue and/ or budget management is an advantage
    • People leadership in terms of management of teams of professionals
  • English Proficiency (good spoken and written English) is an advantage
  • Upholds high standards of integrity and professional ethics

*The following are excluded from the program:

  • Government companies (state-owned) and non-governmental (not-for-profit) organisations
  • Non-managerial jobs (occupational/ practitioner roles), such as doctors, teachers, etc.

The above criteria are applicable for the initial intake into the program. Shortlisted candidates will undergo two additional rounds of in-depth assessments, before being selected for the first cohort of the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program.

 Program fees

The Diwan of Royal Court will sponsor the program in full, which includes all academic fees, learning, facilitation, administration, accommodation, and travel costs only for out-of-country modules.

 Time commitment

The program requires a considerable time commitment over the course of eight months. Participants will be required to attend a total of four weeks of the program (equivalent to 20 days) over a period of 8 months, including two weeks of international travel. Participants are also expected to participate in inter-modular work between each of the modules that consist of project work and one-on-one coaching sessions.

View the Program calendar  (starting Sept 2017).