The National Leadership & Competitiveness Program is an initiative by the Public Private Partnership Taskforce (Sharaka) and will be sponsored by the Diwan of Royal Court. This will cover the costs of all tuition fees, learning, facilitation, administration, accommodation and travel costs for international modules only. Participants attending the program from outside of Muscat will need to cover travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place in Muscat. 

The Diwan of Royal Court will support with providing the required supporting documents relevant to the program (e.g. proof of acceptance) as well as visa costs. However, participants will be responsible for obtaining their own visas in order to enter the UK, Estonia and Australia well ahead of their travel schedule in order to ensure their ability to attend these modules.

Two modules will be taking place overseas for which participants will need to allocate travel time for. Participants are expected to arrive at the module’s destination one day prior to the commencement of the module. 

Module 1 will be taking place in Oxford, UK for a duration of 5 days. Module 3 will be designated for country benchmarking visits, where the cohort will be divided into two groups and travelling to separate locations (Estonia and Australia) for a duration of 3 days. The two groups will then reconvene in Muscat for the remainder of the module.

The National Leadership & Competitiveness Program requires full commitment from the participant. The program, therefore, does not encourage the participant’s spouse or family members to accompany them during modules taking place overseas, although they may do so at their own expense. Only participants are allowed to attend classroom sessions, activities, and company visits.

Admission to the National Leadership & Competitiveness Program is exclusive to Omani nationals currently working in government, whether in Oman or abroad. The program targets candidates of the following main job groups: Directors General and equivalents, Assistant Directors General and equivalents, Advisors and Experts and their equivalents. All candidates must have at least 10 years of overall work experience. Please visit the Admission section on the website for the complete list of the admission criteria.

The National Leadership and Competitiveness Program focuses on developing Omani executive leaders in the government sector. Participants must, therefore, be working in and committed to a career future in the government sector in the Sultanate of Oman. A parallel program sponsored by The Diwan of Royal Court, The National CEO Program, is aimed at Omani nationals working in the Private sector and government companies.

Yes. All Omani nationals currently working for the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, whether in Oman or abroad, are eligible to apply to the program.

The teaching and project facilitation sessions as well as all materials will be delivered in English along with simultaneous translation to Arabic.

Eligible government employees interested in the National Leadership & Competiveness Program can only apply via the online application form during the application period which will be open from May 14 - 27, 2017. Any submissions besides the online application form and outside the stated period of time will not be considered. Please refer to the website for more information about the application process.

The application form should take approximately 45-90 minutes to complete. Once initiated, partakers have the option to save the application and return to complete it at a later date, as long as it is still within the online application period. An e-mail will be sent to the applicant with the application number to access the application again.

When registering via the online application form, applicants are required to upload a copy of their Omani ID as well as a copy of their CV. The latter must be uploaded in a pre-set template, which is available on the “Application Process” page within the website and under the resources section.

Applicants may choose to complete the application form in either Arabic or English. An option at the initiation of the form will appear prompting the applicant to choose their preferred language.

Once applicants start their application form, they can check the status of their application at any time by entering their application number in the Application Tracking field on the following website:

Once a candidate is informed of their successful selection to Step 3 of the process, they will be provided with their full assessment centre schedule. Due to high demand, candidates are expected to make themselves available at the time of their assessment centre appointment. Any applicant who misses the agreed appointment will not be considered for selection as we will be unable to reschedule an alternate time slot.

Successful candidates will be contacted by e-mail on 6 August 2017.

The National Leadership & Competitiveness Program is an investment by the Diwan of Royal Court. The Diwan of Royal Court will sponsor tuition fees, learning materials, administration, as well as appropriate travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place overseas.

Participants are expected to fully commit to the program: this includes time allocated for all in and out of country classroom modules (including 2 modules abroad and 2 in Muscat), inter-modular sessions for projects work and coaching/tutoring sessions (3 sessions in Muscat), as well as preparation work before the learning modules. 

A few weeks prior to the commencement of each module, an Oxford faculty member will be providing pre-module reading materials and/or exercises that the participant is expected to study prior to the start of the module.

Attendance to all in and out of country modules (20 days), inter-modular sessions (3 days), joint learning days with the National CEO Program (2 days) as well as Program events are mandatory. Participation in the National Leadership & Competitiveness Program requires significant investment of time from the individuals and their organisations. Once selected for the program, participants will need to sign a Commitment Letter indicating their understanding and acceptance of the program schedule and required course work. Participants unable to make this commitment to the entire program for any reason will be released from the program.

*Please refer to the Program Calendar for the complete schedule of program modules and timeline.